Our Mission

We desire to be a world-class leader in building both people and systems that service the vital food processing, manufacturing and food storage industries which feed our global community.

We value integrity, innovation, communication and simply going the extra mile. 

Headquartered in Yakima, WA, Central Washington Refrigeration (CWR) is a leading regional specialty contractor focused on designing, building, installing, and maintaining industrial cooling systems.  CWR’s clients operate in the food processing, and manufacturing, and food storage industries, including:  controlled atmosphere and cold storage facilities, beef processing plants, vegetable and fruit processing plants, seafood processing plants, hydro coolers, dairy processors, breweries, and wineries.

CWR designs and installs a wide variety of industry cooling systems, including pump recirculation systems, Phillips recirculation systems, chilled brine/glycol systems, and direct expansion systems.  CWR also provides clients with value-added services, including Process Safety Management programs, risk management consulting, and after-market system maintenance and servicing.

Given the customized nature of CWR’s cooling system designs and installations, CWR is hired by, and works directly with, each customer on each project. 

CWR’s leadership team is experienced; highly respected and has been responsible for CWR’s strong growth. 

The majority of clients are located throughout Washington State, although CWR has also designed and installed cooling systems for customers in Idaho and Oregon.  CWR is licensed to perform its services in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

CWR employs union labor on all projects.  The relationship with the Union, and the union workers employed, has always been excellent.


With over 200 years combined experience, we’ve worked hard, learned well, and gained the trust of our community


We are constantly training and maintaining a culture of accountability, awareness and pride in safe, efficient work.


We’re a local company with a global reach, capable of the most complex refrigeration solutions for any industry.
Our Senior Leaders
Kevin Waltman
Kevin Waltman

Mr. Waltman joined CWR in 1999; he has been working in the refrigeration industry since 1990.  Mr. Waltman brings extensive installation experience, management expertise, and service experience from residential to industrial.  Mr. Waltman is in charge of all of CWR’s functions.  He graduated from JM Perry Technical Institute in Yakima, WA.

Steve Foster
Steve Foster
Purchasing & Facilities Manager

Mr. Foster has worked the company for +8 years, having joined CWR in 2014. He is responsible all project and facility purchasing. Mr. Foster has 30 years experience in purchasing, sales and project management.

Tracy Oldham
Tracy Oldham

Mrs. Oldham has worked for the company for +20 years, having joined CWR in 1998.  Mrs. Oldham is responsible for all Payroll, Accounting, and Job Costing functions.  She graduated from Trend Business College in Yakima, WA, with an emphasis in Executive Office Administration.

Bill Fridley
Bill Fridley
Sales Manager

Mr. Fridley has worked for the company for +16 years, having joined CWR in 2002.  Mr. Fridley is responsible for all sales and project management, including estimation, system design, and project drafting.